What You Need To Know Before Purchasing The Best Futon Mattress In 2018

While there are a few top contenders in the futon mattresses field, it’s important to research your options to avoid an unsatisfactory purchase. LUCID Floor  Sofa is a comfortable floor sofa and guest bed with cover, that’s light Queen futon mattress
and mobile and easy to move and fold up. This comfy sofa is completely ‘sans legs’, and it comes with an 8-inch foam mattress that’s just begging for you to sleep on it.

Sleeping Position- Side sleepers should opt for a softer futon that will lessen neck and spine pressure by sinking the shoulders in. Back sleepers should go for a firmer mattress with elastic foam layering for proper back support and spine relaxing, respectively.

The actual size after compression is 7.5”. The heavy compression in this futon mattress creates a very solid and firm core and the top layer will also be firm  that makes this futon mattress a great choice to our customers who like a firm futon mattress.

Something more basic or better than basic will do. If you are going to be sitting and sleeping on your futon as your primary bed, you definitely need to consider  buying a mattress that has more substance to it, like an encased spring coil unit with foam, or something with multiple layers of premium foams and blended mega-resilient fibers.

In fact, this futon is only rated to hold about 300 pounds total distributed evenly, so heavier users may not be able to use this, except to sleep on. The adjustable frame is made of metal, but there are also wooden slats included to provide support.

Source : https://www.thebrandwich.com/